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Package Constituents

ü  CBC- Complete Blood Count

ü  BT & CT- Bleeding & Clotting Time

ü  D-dimer

ü  Factor V

ü  Fibrinogen

ü  PT/INR- Prothrombin Time & INR


Overnight fasting is preferred. Duly filled Coagulation Requisition Form (Form 15) is mandatory. It is recommended that patient discontinues Heparin for 1 day and Oral Anticoagulants for 7 days prior to sampling as these drugs may affect test results. Discontinuation should be with prior consent from the treating Physician.

Report Availability 

 After 2 Day


Profile (coags) includes INR, APTT, platelets and fibrinogen. It is a screening test for abnormal blood clotting because it examines the factors most often associated with a bleeding problem. It does not cover all causes of bleeding tendencies.

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